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You are seeking an honest and realistic evaluation and the best possible result in your criminal, DWI, or traffic matter. Rainville Law Office clients receive personal attention and reasonable flat fees, quoted in advance. We will explore all of your concerns and goals before assisting you in making your own well-informed decisions. There is no charge for initial consultation.

Peter Rainville


Pete Rainville has worked exclusively in criminal law for over 15 years in the Metro area and state-wide. He has handled every type of criminal case from traffic offenses to murder, and from misdemeanor to serious felony matters. He has gained DISMISSALS for clients in drinking & driving, theft, burglary, domestic  assault, felony assault, criminal sexual conduct, and murder cases.  Every case is too important not to get expert legal assistance. People who are accused of a crime are worried about losing their reputation, driving privileges, employment, or even their freedom. When this happens you need clear, honest, and expertly informed answers to your questions. Call now for a free consultation or email Rainville Law Office for a case evaluation at no cost.